Shindig Weekender Steward / Volunteer Details Form

Talented? Keen? Think outside of the box? Get stuck in come rain or shine? Understanding and personable? If so then your in the right place. 

Shindig Weekender is on the search for the best of the best in steward festival volunteers…. Got the power and extra special skills then sign up now.

Roles include: Welcoming and directing campers to less congested areas of the site, keeping fire/access lanes clear, checking on amenities, giving out advice and directions, checking the general mood of the customers, interacting with customers, helping to create a happy vibrant atmosphere, reporting back any concerns/observations to supervisors and event management.

  • Traffic Management
  • Campervan field management
  • Boutique Camping field management
  • Arena stewarding
  • Venue Stewarding
  • Gate management
  • Liaising with Site Management
  • Wrist band check and accreditation.
  • Health and Safety lookout.

If you are keen to be part of the Shindig Weekender stewarding team and are interested to find out more please fill out the form below.

“We loved it. great atmosphere, fab people and cracking music!” Sarah Mathews (Shindig Volunteer Steward 2015)

Shindig Stewards Buddy Reward Scheme

For 2017 Shindig is introducing the Steward Buddy Reward Scheme.

Get £10 for every extra friend you bring to steward!


  1. Have to of stewarded before at Shindig Weekender and are doing so in 2017.
  2. Be ready to pick up the slack if your pals don’t cut it! Basically bring the best festival/party people who don’t mind a bit of work and will see it through to the end.
  3. No new groups bigger than 10 people.
  4. All arrive by 17:00 Thursday 25th May.
  5. All stewards willing to work two 8 hour shifts over 5 days, day or night.

Why steward?

All festivals need volunteers to help the party go off with a bang but safely. Shindig Stewarding is great for those who understand that festivals need helpers. And also brings lots of other benefits:

  1. Great for meeting people and self personal development.
  2. Great for learning more about how different festivals work.
  3. Onsite training undertaken by all steward.
  4. Opportunity to become a full-time member of the Shindig Steward team.
  5. Future employers look for those with voluntary experience.
  6. Receive a certificate to highlighting your achievments at the festival after the event.
  7. Free entry to the event as part of the process.
  8. Become part of one of the best festivals in Europe.
  9. Potential to be become trained in specialist festival/ event based skills
  10. Come back in 2018 as a Steward Buddy Mentor.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Please tell us about your festival volunteering / working experience.
What other festivals have you worked at?
Below please tell us where you think you we could best use your skills.

Main Gate / Site Access
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Traffic Management / Car Park
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Internal Gates & Posts
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Accreditation / Box Office / Information
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Main Area / Venues
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Campsite Steward
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Litter Picking / Waste Management
Not BestOKGoodAmazing

Below give us a few lines about you, why you would like to volunteer at Shindig Weekender 2017 (what characteristics make you a good steward and some silly stuff too, oh and what crazy hats you have)


If you cannot be onsite at the role arrival times please tick in days you can arrive / if you are not available on the Bank Holiday Monday unfortunately those who are will be picked first (sorry just the way it goes!)

Pre / Post Event Steward

Wed 24th, Thur 25th, Fri 26th - Must arrive onsite by 12 noon Wed 24th

If you can not make the dates above then please note available arrival dates

Live Event Steward

Thur 25th, Fri 26th, Sat 27th, Sun 28th, Mon 29th - Must arrive onsite by 6pm Thur 25th

If you can not make the dates above then please note available arrival dates

Night Team

Fri 26th, Sat 27th, Sun 29th / Fri 27th, Sat 28th, Mon 29th - Must arrive onsite by 6pm Thur 25th

If you can not make the dates above then please note available arrival dates

If you are having trouble filling in this form please download our Shindig Stewarding 2017 Excel Form